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Omni Fund is now


We decided to change our website from www.omni.fund to www.kover.ai.

The reason is - there are just too many companies called "Omni Fund" in the world! We are really happy that so many people agree with us that this is a good name (woohoo)! However, this also means it's very hard to rank at the top of search engines and be put in front of more awesome people like you on the internet.

So we decided to do a name change to Kover - "Cover with a K"!

1. If you're an existing user of Omni Fund, your profile has been migrated to Kover.ai without service interruption.

2. If you're an Uber/Lyft driver looking for Income Protection, please check us out here!

3. If you're in the SF bay area and are looking for iPhone Screen Protection, please check us out here!

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